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Ti stai laureando anche tu? (Are you earning your deegree as well?)
di davide del 11/10/2006  21:27:31, in Blogging,  1767 link
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Ok, here they go again: another couple of friends asked for my help in producing their graduation thesis lately. This fall the first one is just yet another private survey, but the second one is an interesting real project by a friend who is preparing a feasibility report for a post graduation school for art-curator wannabes. The project's subject is "The relation between architecture and art in contemporary visual culture".

Location for the exposition is given and maximum budget is less than 6 grands, insurance included : - (

Any help is appreciated, expecially great concepts that are cheap to realise, and a list of inexpensive services for expositors available to a big city in central Italy... Please write to me privately if you wish to contribute.

News will follow within Christmas, and my friend's project might also be produced for real by her art school ; - )