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recent updates to davidegazzotti.com v.2.0

davidegazzotti.com v.2.0 was started on July 30th,2001. Old v1.0 clicking here
Below you can find the list of most relevant recent updates to davidegazzotti.com

d u b l i n e r s    2 0 0 6

Revised street view of the Capital of Ireland

When life beats the rithm of the well known local beer, it may sound just as
dubliners 2006

l a    s c a r z u o l a

The Scarzuola is the utopic city built by reknown Italian Architect Tommaso
Buzzi in the late sixties.
Surrealism, Oriental recalls and Mysthicism are the keys to appreciate its
garden, and finally free our souls.
La Scarzuola

p u b    c r a w l i n g

one night project inside entearteinment downtown

Works included are candid shot from Bologna (I) nightlife.
Pub crawling

p a s s a g e    p a r    p a r i s

a stroll in the City center of paris

Sunday January 19th, 2003 - Collection of postcards from Paris
Passage par Paris

a    m u r d e r    n e x t    d o o r

a tribute to all victims of terrorism and wars in the world

The police car popped into my rear view mirror like a flash in the night...
Bologna (Italy), March 2002.
a murder next door

p r i m e    o b j e c t s

stories of life as a game

Simple stories of ordinary life.
domino story

a m s t e r d a m 2 k 1 - December 15th 2001

a very personal autobiography

This time it was just for a one hour walking downtown Amsterdam.
And it was the right time to think on my photography: this is an
heterogeneous summary of my personal path in street photography,
dated back to 1990: from easy common places to the perception of
amsterdam2k1 - a personal bio

f e r r a r a    b u s k e r s    f e s t i v a l - Sept. 15th 2001

a city makes its street dance

Minimal and complete reports from the crowdy festival of year 2001.
ferrara buskers festival 2001

b a r c e l o n a    2 0 0 1 - August 4th, 2001

tales from the ramblas

From the crowdy streets to the intimicy of the local tapas bar far from the
tracks of mass serialized tourism.

b o o k s    c o l l e c t i o n

In Association with Amazon.com
my personal photo books collection
books collection

w o r d s    a n d    i n s p i r a t i o n

tristesses de la lune - c. baudelaire
the ballad of sexual dependency - n. goldin

b i e n n a l e    o f    m o d e r n    a r t

My private report on the trends of modern art from Venice' Biennale.
Venice (I), September 2001.
Venice biennale of modern art, 2001

a r t e f i e r a 2 0 0 2

My private jottings on the most important fair of modern and contemporary
art in Italy: Artefiera.

Bologna (I), January 2002.
Artefiera, 2002

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