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davide gazzotti

born in sixty-nine
ICT specialist
arts lover

he keeps on shooting since he was a kid: at first for fun, then for passion, then his "friends" realize he can photograph with constant pro quality and they force him to shoot every kind of thing.
however, he still does not want to get rid of his full-heartbeat of an enthusiastic child.

after some collaborations with local wedding photographers, that allowed him to afford this expensive hobby,
he switched to electronical engineering studies and started a career in the information technology field.
nevertheless, he has always continued to shoot custom works around Italy, adding the passion of a photography lover to each assignment

he attended schools and workshops (portraits on set, reportage, deconstructing the classics) with both Italian and international photographers (giuseppe vergoni, gianni berengo gardin, john goodman )

he exposed:
- Portraits (1991)
- AroundTheWorld (1996)
- bluestreet999 (1999)
- moving people (2002)

on the web since 1998, at first with sintax error, then an active collaboration with acidlife.com
see below for further details
e-mail davide gazzotti
e-mail davide

Gianni Berengo Gardin
Berengo Gardin

John Goodman
John Goodman

e x h i b i t i o n s

   shows and live performance

> portraits - Bologna, 1991
> around the world - Bologna, 1996
> bluestreet999 - street photo impressions - Bologna, 1999
> moving people: beyond the stills - video and photo performance - Bologna, 2002

moving people - beyond the stills
moving people