s t r e e t    l i f e

urban portraits in candid images by davide gazzotti

Street life includes
pictures from:

Amsterdam (NL)
Barcelona (E)
Bologna (I)
Copenaghen (DK)
Dublin (IE)
Ferrara (I)
Hong Kong (HK)
Lisbon (P)
Paris (F)
Rome (I)
Siena (I)
Taipei (TW)
Taranto (I)
Wien (A)

a m s t e r d a m 9 9 9

streets of joy

Amsterdam unique mood, in my first journey inside myself over there.

Amsterdam (NL) - 1999


a m s t e r d a m 2 k

an ordinary Sunday in Dam

Amsterdam unique mood, in my second journey inside myself over there.

Amsterdam (NL) - 2000


a m s t e r d a m 2 k 1

a very personal autobiography

This time it was just for a one hour walking downtown.
And it was the right time to think on my photography: this is an
heterogeneous summary of my personal path in street photography,
dated back to 1990: from easy common places to the perception of

Amsterdam (NL) - 2001

amsterdam2k1 - a personal bio

e c l i p s e 9 9 9

journey on behalf of the eclipse

A graphic artist, a web designer, a street photographer and an expert
of foreign langueges together with a camera and a notebook, fetching
for the sense of life in the shade of the eclipse.
Note: travel jottings are in Italian.

Munchen (D), Wien (A), Lintz (A) - 1999


l i f e    i n    a    s m a l l    t o w n

when your heart beats at a human pace

Life might be better at a slower pace. This is the motif in this
project that was carried out during summer 1999 in the deep heart of
Tuscany (Italy): from the crowded streets of Siena to the quiet day by
day living of the country villages.
Photo Editor: John Goodman.

Siena (I), Pienza (I) - 1999

life in a small town

p o r t a    p o r t e s e

open air market of Rome

Gasping for fresh air, on a mid October Sunday morning in Rome.
Porta Portese is the Roman "Portobello": a place where you can find used
stuff, antiques and sometimes even robbed goods. A place pointing very far
from the ancient mysticisms of Christian Romanism. A place located very
close to a life for real.

Rome (I) - 2000

porta portese open air market

d u b l i n e r s    2 0 0 6

Revised street view of the Capital of Ireland

When life beats the rithm of the well known local beer, it may sound just as

Dublin (IE) - 2006

dubliners 2006

l a    s c a r z u o l a

Utopic City by a single Architect

The Scarzuola is the utopic city built by reknown Italian Architect Tommaso
Buzzi in the late sixties.
Surrealism, Oriental recalls and Mysthicism are the keys to appreciate its
garden, and finally free our souls.

Montegabbione (TR) - 2004

La Scarzuola and its garden

t a i p e i    -    k o w l o o n    -    h o n g    k o n g

A short tour in the most western part of the Far East

Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, is a modern city with no center, a big endless
suburb of itself.
Hong Kong downtown is far better than lower Manhattan, but in the outskirts...

Far East - 2007

Taipei and Hong Kong

w h i t e    s o u t h

the white side of the south of Europe

This is my vision of a journey inside a south Italian town and
its neighbourhoods. Besides the high lights, colours, fresh and green waters,
and dream sands of the best Italian beaches, there is a low life in the
isolation of smaller towns.

Puglia Region (I) - 2000/2001

white south

p e o p l e    o f    l i s b o n

street life in the capital of Portugal

This is the gallery of urban portraits shot on a windy winter weekend
hanging around the capital of Portugal fighting against the sticky weather.

Lisbon (P) - 2001

people of lisbon

s t r e e t s    o f    b o l o g n a

nemo prophaeta in patria

Bologna is my hometown, but this is a collection only of three of the many
moments this city can offer:people enjoying shopping at an open air market,
central street crowded with live young people and fine wine bars.

Bologna (I) - 1997, 99, 2001

streets of bologna

b a r c e l o n a    2 0 0 1

tales from the ramblas

From the crowdy streets to the intimicy of the local tapas bar far from the
tracks of mass serialized tourism.

Barcelona (E) - 2001


f e r r a r a    b u s k e r s    f e s t i v a l

a city makes its street dance

Minimal and complete reports from the crowdy festival of year 2001.

Ferrara (I) - 2001

ferrara buskers festival 2001

f e r r a r a    b u s k e r s    f e s t i v a l    
( n i t e    e d i t i o n )

by chance, one nite at the Ferrara Buskers

Minimal and personal reports from the crowdy nitetime festival of year 2003.

Ferrara (I) - 2003

ferrara buskers festival 2003

a     m u r d e r    n e x t    d o o r

tribute to all victims of terrorism and wars in the world

The police car popped into my rear view mirror like a flash in the night...
Bologna (Italy) - 2002.
a murder next door

a    d a y    i n    t h e    l i f e...

a day in the life of the Capital of Denmark

Saturday November 2nd, 2002 - Collection of postcards from Copenaghen
Copenaghen (Denmark) - 2002.
a day in the life of copenaghen

p a s s a g e    p a r    p a r i s

a stroll in the City center of paris

Sunday January 19th, 2003 - Collection of postcards from Paris
Paris (France) - 2003.
Passage par Paris