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La dolce vita
di davide del 11/11/2006  22:34:31, in Cinema,  2206 link
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Yesterday it was the second cultural happening at the house of a very close friend of mine: we use to meet there to watch a movie and discuss it almost every week.

On our first evening, I had the chance to have an absent look at 1933 "She done him wrong" with Mae West... absolutely too far away from my vision, my way of thinking, my way of seeing reality, making imageries or way of shooting movies. : - (

Yesterday we saw Fellini's "La Dolce Vita" and... wow, what a great, inspiring and important movie. I had watched that movie almost 20 years ago, when I was a stupid young teenager, but now, in my middle age lifetime walk, I enjoy all of it: the story, the melancoly and sadness, the good looking women and the over-the-top useless parties of perdition...

Fellini has become utterly famous, most of all, for his outstanding ability to render stories and facts that barely exist on screen, always in between reality and dreams, lights and shadows, just as the Rome of movie starlets and the Pope. Everything is abstracted like in a dream. Every story is the good one for making a movie.

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