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Arte per amore dei soldi (Art for bucks sake)
di davide del 13/11/2006  22:46:04, in Fotografia / Commerciale,  1844 link
[Articolo riportato da http://blog.myspace.com/davidephoto]

Yesterday I did my first studio shooting for an art dealer friend of mine. The only requirement was not to be too creative in order to show off the artwork discreetly.

When I first saw those pieces I thought: "Oh my, this is really boring $hit...". So results are boring, but my client today called me back only to tell: "hey davide, you made those works better in pictures than in reality!". Yep, thanks a lot for your kind words, but I cannot figure out how those swindlers can sell such crap works for at least 5 thousands bucks each!!!!!

Most of these works are paintings from famous sculptors or sculptures from famous painters ; - ) Good luck my dear friend...

[Shot in Bologna with Mino on November 12, 2006]