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Tutti i battiti del mio cuore [The Beat That my Heart Skipped (De battre mon coeur s'est aręte) ]
di davide del 21/11/2006  23:50:02, in Cinema,  2539 link
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De battre mon coeur s'est arręté (2005)

Why did I like this 2005 French movie so much, when I am told it is too derivative and predictable?


Yesterday night we watched this movie at my friend's house, and tonight I dreamt of it and became conscious of what I am now writing down.

First of all, I love the movie making style: film editing is top notch, but also photography and music seem to be used on purpose to render my own personal nonlinear, neurotic and recurrent way of seeing reality.

Then, the story is, with a drama fingerprint, a very positive one indeed, telling of an individual (Tom) who realize a very important change in life: from a cr@p life devoted to easy money, always around evicting poor people with baseball bats, to a sensitive life devoted to love and art.

In bullets:
- The story analyzes the relation between father and son: the movie starts with Tom's friend outing about the inversion of roles when fathers get old, and it ends with the beating-up of the Russian con artist which both avenges Toms' dad and definitely close a cycle in Tom's life.

- Tom in the beginning is a high performance professional, but he is anxious and unbearably neurotic… and he still suffers an Oedipus complex for his dead mother… Thus Tom initially fully incarnates the projection of his father into the business world, and he ends by transforming himself to become like his mother's former lover (and manager): such a change in life seems possible right through the psychological switch of parental referral model.

- The episode of Tom who rediscovers his own way of expression through a person who does not speak his language at all is romantic for me, albeit quite predictable. He can achieve that through an art, music, which will turn into his the turning point of his life.

- Finally, Tom is able to find his own dimension. He can both express his sensitivity and his relational ability which imply a clear managing and business attitude.

The fact that director Jacques Audiard was able to render this illuminating progression of events using a filming language which is also my language explains my enthusiasm about this movie ; - )
Am I too cerebral?

[Seen with Alessia, Andrea, Cecco, Francesca, Nino, Paolino, Zago on Nov. 20th 2006]