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Vita nei Pub irlandesi: una disperazione tutta privata (Ireland's Pubs Life: a Private desperation)
di davide del 13/08/2006  17:54:37, in Blogging,  2347 link
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After having recovered a bit, I spent a dozen of days wandering through Ireland with a couple of good friends of mine, and still some traces of cortisone flooding thorugh my blood.
On Aug 13 we were in typical Irish Pub in Kenmere, when an elderly man was drinking his Guinness beer. Nothing special so far, but he sometimes took out of his pocket an old folded and over thorn photography of a lady. He unfolded the picture and kept on staring at her and even sometimes talking or sobbing... What a scene! After a couple of minutes he normally folded the photograph back to his pocket and swallowed another sip of his dark oblivion drink. Then he went to the loo, he got back to his seat and orderd yet another beer...

This is him (sorry man) taken with my low-res camera phone from the other side of the counter.
Other less privacy concerned photographs of the Ireland's Pubs Life series were taken with an ordinary real camera and are published elsewhere ; - )