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Alcuni link creativi: Pollock e il Tempo (Some creative links: Pollock and Time)
di davide del 13/11/2006  22:38:18, in Arte,  1739 link
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Jackson Pollock was an American painter and a major force in the abstract expressionist movement (see wiki). But, if you want to enjoy the emotion of creating your own Pollock painting, then dive into http://www.jacksonpollock.org/ and do it yourself!

Time is not only a constraint, it represents the reason to a change. Thus, attempting to understand the nature of Time has always been a prime occupation for philosophers and scientists. But from a photographer perspective, time is both a lapse and a loop: have look at http://www.theircircularlife.it/ and choose your pace for your life ;-O

[Seen with Ella on November 12, 2006]