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Sojourn: Narratives of Asia by Steve McCurry
di davide del 15/01/2007  22:18:10, in Fotografia / Arte,  5611 link
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Here we go again with yet another Magnum-Photos a-la-Henri-Cartier-Bresson photographer on display in Modena this winter: just 2 large rooms with 3 dozens of big catchy colorful prints from Asia and a lot of rumbling people in the overheated gallery.

Different from many contemporary photojournalists who tend to "machine gun" their subjects, Steve McCurry immediately distinguished himself for his vivid personal way of seeing reality and by taking his time to slow down, wait for the right light, and know his subjects well before taking timeless shots of vibrant life.

The results are outstanding stunningly saturated portraits of people, places and moods, be them happy tribal dances or lands devastated by a war. Every single image vibrantly speaks both of the portrayed situations (be it in Afghanistan or in Tibet) and of its author at the same time: this is what I call the absolute reportage photography.

Afgan girl Kuwait

Thus a fairly straightforward exposition, easy to be understood by the general public and light years far from the conceptual contemporary art, but nevertheless inspiring as a unique vision of reality and beauty.

[Seen in Modena on Jan. 13th with Davide, Fabri, Patty and Nic]